Who Are We?

We are the local Branch of the European Movement and we share the Movement's Mission. Vision and Core Values

Mission, Vision & Core Values


Founded in 1949 after World War II, our independent, cross-party, non-governmental Movement is centred upon fostering peace and cooperation with our European neighbours and partners. We are a pro-European, grassroots Movement and we want to build popular, ground-based support for retaining the UK’s current status as a member of the European Union (EU) and to defend all the benefits that we derive from our EU membership. We are fighting plans to exit the EU, which we do not believe are in the UK’s best interests, but we were not born out of Brexit. For almost 70 years, we have been, and will continue to be, actively pioneering a future at the heart of a united Europe, side by side with fellow Europeans from across the continent, through times of political flux and relative stability.


Our vision is of a Europe at peace, in a world at peace.

Our vision is of a strong, ethically-bound, leading European Union, of which the UK is a part.

Our vision is of a grassroots Movement across these isles and internationally which harnesses pro-European sentiment and safeguards collaboration and partnership with our European neighbours. 

The world belongs to the next generations: our vision is that they should have unlimited opportunity to build a brighter future.

Core Values

1. Peace

Our origins are in fostering peace amongst European countries which helps to build a peaceful global environment.

2. Democracy

We believe that citizens should be able to vote for elected representatives of their choice at all levels of government, from local to national to European.

3. Safety

We want to help build a world which is safe now and in the future.

4. Human rights, worker rights and equality

We seek to enhance the protection of human rights, worker rights and equality.

5. Freedom of movement

Our goal is to safeguard the freedom of movement which is possible as a member of the EU for generations to come. Both for UK citizens who want to travel and work abroad and for citizens of other EU countries who want to come here to work and to live.

6. Partnership, collaboration and common interest

There is more that links us than separates us and we can achieve more when we combine our collective efforts.

7. Celebration of diversity and other cultures

What we share is precious and difference gives us more to discover.

8. Respect and tolerance

Each one of us is uniquely important.

9. Environmental protection

Wildlife and nature is intrinsically valuable and we need to conserve our natural world and effectively combat climate change.

10. Economic certainty

We support an environment where there is the economic certainty which underpins quality of life.